Making the Grade: Ways to Treat Your Children for Making Honor Roll

Making the Grade: Ways to Treat Your Children for Making Honor Roll on

Honor roll rewards that will excite your child

Your child makes the honor roll. You’re proud, excited, and want to keep the momentum going. How do you properly convey that to your child? You don’t want to give them the impression that they have to get good grades for you to show your appreciation, but you do want to show you’re proud of them. There’s a fine line, but one that can be accomplished with small, intimate gestures and treats such as these.

Photos on the fridge

Take a photo of your child with his or her report card and frame it or have it magnetized so you can put it on the fridge. This simple act of praise will help encourage them to keep doing their best in school. Make it a fun game to see how many photos of themselves they can get on the fridge in a year’s time!

Honor roll award

School supply companies offer Honor Roll pencils, pins, buttons and medallions to help celebrate this important learning milestone. The children can hang these ribbons, buttons or certificates in their room or bring them to school to show it off. This is a great way to reward your child and encourage them to be proud of their accomplishments.

Book store gift certificates

There’s no greater gift than one that encourages more learning and mental stimulation. Reward your child for a job well done by giving them a $5-10 gift card to a local bookstore so they can get excited about learning more. This will also help you as a parent know what your child enjoys learning about when they’re not going to be graded on it. For example, if your child chooses to purchase a coloring book, you know they have an interest in art.

Ice cream

There’s no greater way to celebrate than with ice cream! Let your child know how proud you are of them with a trip to Cold Stone Creamery– even on a school night! If you want to take it one step further, surprise your child with an ice cream party for them and a few of their friends. Cold Stone Catering offers the ultimate ice cream experience – right at home – offering your child’s favorite fix-ins and mix-ins.

When you’re thinking about the right reward to give your child for a job well done, you’ll want to position it as a treat but never as an incentive. If they’re not expecting the reward, it’s double the fun. When you’re not rewarding your child for every success – you’ll want to do it big when you do. And nothing will make your child jump for joy quite like ice cream.

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