Making Ice Cream Sandwiches at Home — And Other Fun Recipes

Making Ice Cream Sandwiches at Home — And Other Fun Recipes on

Because how else do you expect to have the sweetest summer of your life?


There’s just something about the classic ice cream sandwich that brings us right back to our childhood — either running down to a convenience store or chasing down the ice cream truck for that special treat. But why find just any old cheap ice cream sandwich to satisfy your craving when you can create your own? And we’re not just talking the classic cookies with cream, here.

Hare a few recipes for making unique ice cream sandwiches along with a few other sweet ideas to ensure that your next indulgence is better than ever before:

1. Blueberry pie ice cream sandwiches

Yes, you read that correctly. And to be frank, we can’t believe we haven’t thought of this before now. Thanks to The Kitchen McCabe, it’s easier than ever to figure out a way to make these tasty treats happen.

2. Churro ice cream sandwiches

Sugar Hero is truly a hero of ours for bringing us these delicious churro ice cream sandwiches. They’re exactly what they sound like: fresh, creamy ice cream between two crispy, rolled churros. Not quite your thing? Sugar Hero also brought us…

3. Cinnamon roll ice cream sandwiches

Soft, cinnamon-sugary, and swirly, this is the most decadent way to enjoy your ice cream. Sugar Hero’s cinnamon roll ice cream sandwich is truly one for the books. And since you make the cinnamon rolls and cream cheese icing from scratch, it’s everything you’d expect and more — just top it off with a silky vanilla ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery and you’re all set.

Want a few other cool ice cream ideas? Here are two of our favorites:

4. Ice cream truffles

Sweet, succulent, and even a little salty, if you please — these truffles from Real Simple are out of this world. Rolled in crunchy nuts or candy bits, an ice cream truffle is perfect for a fancy event or just a fun family activity.

5. Chocolate-dipped ice cream tacos

You love ice cream and you love tacos — making this treat from Your Home-Based Mom the best of both worlds. And making them is easier than you might expect. With just a few ingredients, including flavorful ice cream and soft flour tortillas, these confections will be done in no time at all.

Start your treat off on the right foot

The key to any of these recipes is to start with a high-quality ice cream. One that separates the ice cream eaters from the ice cream connoisseurs. A good ice cream sandwich, cupcake, or other tasty treat should begin with Cold Stone Creamery.

Made fresh every day in each store and churned from the finest ingredients, we proudly serve the best tasting ice cream you’ve ever had. Don’t sell yourself short — contact us today for quotes on your next catered ice cream event or to purchases larger quantities to take home and create with!