Party Protection: Keep the Focus on the Fun by Making Sure Your Event Caterer Has These 4 Things Covered

Party Protection: Keep the Focus on the Fun by Making Sure Your Event Caterer Has These 4 Things Covered on

Because a well-planned party is a well-enjoyed party.

It’s finally here: the big day of your event. And, as any party planner would, you’re hoping to have a successful event that goes off without a hitch. That can’t be too much to ask, right? We feel you on this one. But have you ever stop to wonder what the secret is for a great event?

There are a few key things planners keep track of to make sure the party is a fun time had by all. First of all, a great host probably has great planning skills (or hires someone with them!). And if they don’t, they fake it ‘til they make it. There’s nothing a good old calendar and some sticky notes can’t do for you.

On top of that, a good host hires a reliable caterer. After all, there is no such thing as a good party without good eats! And if you’ve ever been to a party where the caterer was late, unprepared, or just not skilled in the kitchen, chances are that you noticed right away. Want to avoid dealing with that sort of embarrassment at your event? Make sure your caterer has these things covered:

1. They’re timely

Like we said, a good caterer needs to be on time. No one wants to sit waiting around at your party for the caterer. Think about it: the worst part about a wedding is when the bridal party is off taking photos and everyone is wandering around the venue starving out of their minds. It’s not a good time for your guests, and it doesn’t reflect well on you, the party host. Make sure you’ve got a reliable caterer who has a record of being at events on time (dare we say early!), prepared, and ready to serve when your guests are hungry.

2. They’ve got a quality product

So many companies boast a quality product, but they’re actually getting low-cost options shipped in from factories. A true quality product is something that you, the party host, can trace back. That means brand new, fresh items made in-house the morning of your party. You can’t beat that.

3. They have great customer service

A company could be selling the best steaks, cakes, or roller skates in town — but that doesn’t mean anything if it’s paired with awful service. Not only does bad customer service make the planning period a mess, but it also means they could likely drop the ball on the day of the event. Make sure you and your party-goers never deal with less-than-the-best. Work with caterers who have a history of great customer service, who listen to your goals, and who clearly have respect for you as their client.

4. They’re local

Speaking of great customer service, one quick way to ensure you’re in for great service is by dealing with local companies or local branches of big companies. Not only will the quality be there, but since they’re part of your own community, they’ll have your best interests in mind. Plus, supporting your own local community means you’re pouring your hard-earned money back into your community instead of someone manufacturing products in another country.

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