Planning a Holiday Party on a Budget

6 Tips for Planning a Holiday Party on a Budget

The holiday season is around the corner, and one of the best ways to celebrate with friends and family is with a party that doesn’t break your budget. All it takes is a little creativity and a attitude for fun. Set a budget and figure out what you want to allocate for food, decorations etc. Then stick to that budget. It can be easy to give in to impulse purchases that you may think you need, but you can usually do something similar at a lower cost with just a little bit of effort.

6 Tips for Planning a Holiday Party on a Budget Cold Stone

Here are 6 tricks and tips for planning a holiday party on a budget:

  1. Make it a Potluck. People are always asking what to bring to parties, so let them bring it. You can ask them to bring something specific like drinks or an appetizer or you can just tell them a theme and let them decide on their own. Potlucks are great because it brings a lot of variety to the food and drink options without the price tag that usually comes with it.
  2. Get Creative With Decorations. There are tons of things you can do to decorate with things you already have around your house. Need some inspiration? Just do a quick Google search or head over the Pinterest for some amazing DIY party ideas. You can make snowflake decorations with just some paper and scissors or put out candles to add a little elegance. Start planning early so you don’t realize last minute that you want something that you don’t have.
  3. Be Festive. Think about the time of year and what people enjoy doing during the holiday season. Don’t want to shell out for a full bar? Serve a holiday drink instead so you’re only buying a few ingredients and just let guests know that if they want something else, they should bring it. You probably have some holiday decorations you’ve had for years so use those instead of buying new ones. It’s much easier to get creative with a time as festive as the holidays.
  4. Make it a brunch. Brunches typically involve less meat and less liquor than parties later in the day, which makes them a lot easier on your budget. They are a nice break from the common dinner and night parties you usually see during the holidays. Plus, who doesn't love brunch?
  5. Push it back to January. If you wait until after the holiday rush, you can get a lot of great things for your party at a cheaper price. If you’re renting out a room, there will be more openings and the same goes with caterers. People can charge more for their services during the holiday season because there is a higher demand, but if you push it back there is more room for negotiation.
  6. Send out invitations online. Invitations can be expensive, but not if you create them online and since so many people are so active with their email accounts, it’s becoming more common than you may think.

You can have an amazing holiday party, and you don’t have to spend a lot to do it. Remember, the food can often be the most stressful part of planning a party, so make it easier and let Cold Stone cater your holiday party. We have a variety of catering option to fit all types of budgets and we can help bring your holiday party from drab to fab. Click here to learn more.