The Pleasure principle: Why the Idea of Ice Cream Melts Our Resistance to Being Social and Having Fun

The Pleasure principle: Why the Idea of Ice Cream Melts Our Resistance to Being Social and Having Fun on

Because we all scream for ice cream — all together, now!

There are two types of people in this world: introverts and extroverts. And that obviously means there are going to be two very different approaches to being social and building relationships. Think about it. While some people have no problem mingling with others and spending time together, others among us prefer to spend time solo, generating energy from spending time alone. And that’s perfectly okay — since about 50 percent of people on this planet are introverts. But every now and then, there are a few convincing factors that help lure out the most introverted among us, encouraging them to become part of the fun.

Getting shy people, introverts, and loners in the mix

Have you ever stopped to wonder how to get the more private ones among us out of their shells? It can be a pretty tricky process. If a person doesn’t open up to others often, they can be hard to read — and you’ll never know what they like. But there are a few surefire ways to interest a wide range of people. Food is one of them. Better yet, why not go directly to dessert? As Marie Antoinette said, “Let them eat (ice cream) cake!”

Why dessert works

We’ll be honest. Dessert is the first thing on our minds when we feel like getting in the mix. First of all, dessert always seems to bring out our simplest, sweetest childhood memories. The sweet creaminess of ice cream always provides a beautiful walk down memory lane. (You know memory lane — that’s the street the ice cream man always went through.) From memories of the beach and carnivals to exciting days out with our parents, ice cream is at the front and center of all of our best childhood memories.

And there’s a reason why. Food is a bonding source for people across all natures, cultures, and backgrounds. That’s because everyone needs to eat. And everyone connects certain foods to memories, cultural ties, traditions, and personal tastes. The only taste everyone can agree on is ice cream. It brings people together, young and old. It melts away fears and gets us in the mood for some serious fun!

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