6 Things your retail team can do to provide an exceptional customer experience

Train your retail team to provide an exceptional customer experience with these 6 tips.


6 Things your retail team can do to provide an expectional customer experience - cold stoneWhen a customer enters your retail store, one of the first things they are exposed to is your retail team.  That is why it’s so important to make sure it’s a positive experience.  Here is a checklist of 6 things your team can do on a consistent basis to provide an exceptional experience for your brand.

  1. Smile and say hello: Simple enough, right? Well, sometimes it is worth reminding your team that an enthusiastic greeting and a big smile is the best customer service you can provide.
  2. Talk to your customers:  Let them know what’s going on. Share details about new or seasonal items and give the samples if possible.
  3. Invite them to connect with you via Social Media: Make sure your staff is aware of what social media your brand is using and invite customers to follow you and get access to exclusive offers and news available only for those who are part of your social media communities.
  4. Invite customers to share their opinion: Customers love to give their opinion so invite them to do so by asking them, “How was your experience today?” Let them know you would appreciate it if they would share a review on Yelp or another review site that you are on.
  5. Be helpful: If it looks like your customer is having trouble making a decision, offer suggestions, ask what mood they are in, and go from there. Your team knows your product better than anyone, they are the perfect source of information to help your customers’ make a decision. Don’t be annoying though.  Read body signals and if they are giving off vibes they don’t want to interact, leave them be.  You know what it’s like to be stalked by a retail employee? Don’t be that employee.
  6. Add value:  No matter what mood your customer comes into your store with, make sure they leave feeling better than when they walked in by providing a great experience.  Even if they don’t buy anything, if you treated them like they were your most important customer, they will be back.  Remember if a customer has a good experience they will tell a few people.  If they have a bad experience, they will tell everyone they can.

Your team is your strongest brand promotion because they are the ones dealing with your customers. Train them continually to be the best they can be and reward them appropriately.  If you don’t have an employee recognition program in place, it’s time to get one.  Employee recognition incentives are a great way to encourage your team to take specific actions.

One final tip, we know from experience that ice cream is a universal motivator and can be your secret weapon for making you brand stand out from the competition so be sure to incorporate Cold Stone Catering as part of your employee training and recognition program.  Contact us today to learn how we can help!