Quinceañera Tips to Blow Her Friends Out of the Water

Quinceañera Tips to Blow Her Friends Out of the Water on coldstonesouthflorida.com

Make a memory your daughter will cherish for a lifetime


A quinceañera is a big deal for many young women. Much like a Bat Mitzvah or a sweet sixteen, it's a way to mark the entrance into adulthood. And that's more than enough reason for a celebration. So how do you give your daughter a party that will create a cherished memory – and blow her friends out of the water? Here are three tips to throw a great quinceañera:

1. Remember, it's not about you

Ask your daughter what she and her friends would like to have at the party. You may be the one throwing it, but you're not the one being celebrated. Your daughter is going to know better than you will what her and her friends will enjoy, so make sure you plan the party together!

2. Think big:

We don't necessarily mean big in the sense of budget, but in production – and trust us, you can go big without breaking the bank. This is a really important day for the young woman being celebrated, and you want her to know how important it is to you too. Make sure you give a lot of thought to her entrance, the entertainment, the location, and the overall atmosphere.

Get her involved in all of it, if she'd like to be. Is she a dancer? Pick the perfect music or get a DJ or live band. Does she like to paint? Hang some of her artwork as decoration. Basically, make sure you tailor the party to her personality.

3. Don't forget the dessert:

You want people to leave happy, and what better way to do that than by making sure the last thing they've eaten is some delicious dessert. Have some variety and think of both the adult and teenage guests. Want something everyone will love? You can't go wrong with ice cream or a custom ice cream cake, and no one does it better than Cold Stone.

Make your daughter's quinceañera one that she, her friends, and you will never forget. Want to learn more about how to cater amazing desserts for your party? Look no further than Cold Stone! We know parties, we know ice cream, and we know how to help make your child's quinceañera a success! Click here to learn more.