How to Plan a South Florida Sweet Sixteen or Quinceanera Celebration

Use these 5 tips to Plan your South Florida Sweet Sixteen or Quinceanera Celebration that sizzles.

South Florida Sweet Sixteen or Quinceanera - Cold Stone Creamery South Florida

Whatever your theme and whatever the budget, when it comes to celebrating your daughter’s transition into womanhood, frayed nerves are par for the course.  We all want our special daughter to have the best Sweet Sixteen or Quinceanera Celebration we can afford, but let’s face it, the whole process can be a bit overwhelming at times.

Following these tips should help you plan an event that leaves your guests gasping and your daughter delighted:

1. Create a budget for your South Florida celebration

Make sure to identify the amount of money you can afford to pay for the party and all of the costs associated with it.

2. Create a Party checklist

Once you have the budget, sit down with your princess and create a list of everything she would like to have at her event.  Ask her to prioritize the list.  Identify items that are deal breakers and others that may be superfluous and will only be included if the budget permits. Make sure to review it with her and remind her of the necessities like invitations, music and food.

3. Pick a theme for your Sweet Sixteen or Quinceanera

This is an essential part of the process as it can dictate the direction your party will take.  If it is a beach party, then sun and fun are on tap for your guests and casual attire is best.  If it is a Gatsby themed party be prepared to turn up the glitz factor and loosen up the purse strings a bit.

4. Remember it’s South Florida so it's hot outside

Many parents try and swim upstream when throwing a party in the summer, putting up air-conditioned tents and renting banquet halls to beat the heat. The easiest way to stay in our budget and make the most of the warm summer air is by embracing the summer nights.  Why not throw a Midsummer Night’s Dream themed event?  Starlight and candlelight along with a little music set the scene for what will be one of the most memorable nights in your family’s life. Embrace the South Florida climate and create an event where you aren't fighting the elements.

5. Consider a Cold Stone South Florida ice cream bar for your dessert

Why go the traditional route?  When it comes time to go for the sweet stuff, your guests will love an ice cream bar.  Cold Stone South Florida offers signature catering for events of all sizes. They can create signature selections and mix-ins to fit the style and theme of your event. If you have your heart set on cutting the cake, Cold Stone South Florida can create a delicious cake with flavors you choose and decorated to match your theme.

Want a little of both?  Why not go for an ice cream sundae bar and ice cream cupcakes too?  Cold Stone Creamery has it all to make sure your summer sweet sixteen sizzles.

For more information on how Cold Stone Creamery can enhance your sweet sixteen or quinceanera CLICK HERE.