Successful Fundraising Done the Fun Way

Successful Fundraising Done the Fun Way on

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Fundraisers can be critical for the financial stability of a company or organization. When looking for ways to raise funds, many companies turn to a traditional model, but there are plenty of ways you can turn your fundraiser into a success without sacrificing fun. Here are a few ideas to keep things interesting.

Partner with other organizations in the area

A lot of local companies are willing to help others raise money through various fundraising programs. Whether it’s a fast food place or the local city hall, you might be able to get involved with some pretty unique opportunities and raise money locally. Scope out local companies programs and reach out to them to get started!

Publicize your fundraiser

No one is going to make your fundraiser work for you. To get people involved, they need to be aware of the opportunity. If you’re hosting a fundraiser, be sure to publicize it around your city. This can be done in a number of ways:

  • • Put up flyers at a grocery store or on poles in the neighborhood
  • • Slip flyers in the doors of local residents
  • • Ask permission to leave flyers on the countertops of popular spots in the area

Make it fun

No one ever said fundraisers are easy, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun! Think of unique ways to raise money and awareness of your project. For example, host a mini fair in your parking lot and rent different games that attendees can pay a small fee for. Here are some fun ways to earn:

  • • Make a splash with a dunk tank
  • • Hit your target with darts
  • • Ring in the cash with ring toss

And there are other exciting ways to raise funds, too! Host a car wash at a nearby gas station or popular parking lot. Summer is a great time of the year to do this. It’s both refreshing and fun for participants.

Get serious with tasty partnerships

While all these ideas are fun, you can still bring it to the next level by partnering with the professionals at Cold Stone. We make your fundraiser easier and tastier than ever before. Here are your choices:

  • • In-store fundraising. Here’s how to make it work: select a date and time. Select volunteers to “work” behind the stone and in the lobby (trust us, this is the fun part!). Be sure to promote the fundraiser through newsletters, announcements, emails, flyers, and more. The objective is to bring additional sales to the store and your organization will benefit from that effort. The more supporters who attend your event, the greater the reward: Up to $500: 15% of sales, $501 – $999: 20%, More than $1000: 25%
  • • Cake fundraising. Here’s how to get a slice of the action: we will design a cake or pie fundraiser for your school or organization. You’ll receive money for every cake and pie sold to your supporters. You simply promote the event among your supporters and wait for a check. Easy enough, right? You won’t need to collect any money or handle the product.

Ready to get started? Let’s get your next fundraiser moving in the right direction. We’ll get you set up for success!