The Sweetest Treats for Dad this Father’s Day

The Sweetest Treats for Dad this Father’s Day on

He deserves a little bit of pampering this year, even if he’ll never ask for it.


Can you believe Father’s Day is already here? It feels like just yesterday we were celebrating our wonderful moms — and now it’s time to give dad a little well-deserved attention, too. Here are some ideas to help you make it special:

1. That totally cool tie collection you’ve been eyeballing

Everyone has gotten their dad a tie as a gift at some point, so it’s not too surprising to see it on a list like this. But what about an entire new tie collection? You can go a couple ways with this idea:

  • • A sweet collection of beautiful, patterned bow ties, which are growing in popularity this year.
  • • A collection of designer ties, including flat-bottom ties and several other varieties.

Whatever style you choose for your dad, make sure his personality comes through in these special ties. He’ll be so excited for new options for both work and special occasions. And coordinated, full set of tie choices will be anything but the basic dad gift.

2. A brand new home entertainment center

Father’s day is your chance to go big or go home — so you’ll want a gift that can separate the men from the boys. You already know dad has been dreaming of a brand new home entertainment center to enjoy his sports and other shows. So why not splurge this Father’s Day and surprise him with the entertainment center he’s been dreaming of?

3. An acre on Mars

You think we’re kidding. Just check out this Groupon. Buying an acre on Mars is a great gag gift for the dad with a sense of humor — and who knows? In 100 years it might be worth a lot more than you think. Maybe he’ll pass it down to your kids someday.

4. A fire pit

A lot of dads love spending time in the great outdoors — and who can blame them? Mother Nature has got her fair share of beautiful views and experiences to share with the rest of us. So, what better way to help him do that than by building a him his own fire pit? Then he can have his friends over, or the family can bond together with some quality time around the fire.

5. Surprise him with his number 1 favorite treat

If your dad’s like most dads, he probably loves ice cream. And what’s not to love? It’s sweet, creamy, and can be packed with the favorite flavors he loves.

But why go out for ice cream when you can bring it straight to him? And we’re not talking freezer burnt grocery store ice cream — we’re talking full-fledged, hand-dipped ice cream goodness. He won’t be able to resist the delicious and special treat of having his choice of top-quality ice cream at his fingertips.

Go with his favorite ice cream flavor and toppings or surprise him with a delectable, creamy ice cream cake. The possibilities are endless with Cold Stone! To learn more about our catering solutions, or to book one, contact Cold Stone Catering of South Florida today!