The Only Way to Build Customer Loyalty, According to Forbes

The Only Way to Build Customer Loyalty, According to Forbes on

Building a loyal customer base starts and ends with “homebuilding”


Building customer loyalty begins with the decision to put the customer at the center of everything your company does. From hiring to marketing, web design or delivery, each and every aspect of business should be based on an overall encompassing structure that consistently keeps your customers satisfied.

Forbes outlines four elements that provide the structure for loyal and happy customers. They are:

 1. A “perfect” product or service. In this instance, a perfect product or service is defined as one that performs perfectly in situations that can be reasonably anticipated. Natural disasters and other extraordinary events are exempted.

2. Caring delivery. The product or service must be presented to the customer in a way that shows you care about their satisfaction. A great product and a cavalier attitude to its provision will not encourage customer loyalty.

3. Timely delivery. We live in a world of same day delivery and quick turnarounds. Customers have high expectations that the products or services they purchase will be delivered expeditiously. Anything else can cause your customers to switch their loyalties a business that does deliver on time.

4. Effective problem resolution process. Let’s face it, there are always going to be glitches and complications. Establishing a problem resolution process that starts with a genuine apology and addresses the issue at hand swiftly and competently, can turn a difficulty into an opportunity to prove to your customer that you are willing to go the extra mile and thus earn their loyalty.

Above and beyond

Forbes uses the term “homebuilding” to describe an environment, process, product or service provided by a business that causes their customers to experience being valued. Imagine making your customer feel they are in the home of a caring and nurturing parent where their preferences and needs are met, where they are seen, heard and appreciated. This is your goal.

Achieve loyal customers and brand ambassadors for your business today by implementing these strategies in your business. Whether you want to show customers how much you appreciate them by hosting a special event, or you want to celebrate the employees who provide outstanding service to your customers, Cold Stone catering will show them just how focused on “homebuilding” you really are! Contact us today for details!