5 Tips for Throwing the Perfect Bar or Bat Mitzvah

Tips for Throwing the Perfect Bar or Bat Mitzvah

How to survive the plans and make your child’s coming of age party a real celebration

The moment you’ve been waiting for is here – your baby is turning 13 and is no longer a child. They are entering adulthood and it’s time to throw a mitzvah to celebrate this monumental time. We all know that throwing a bar or bat mitzvah can be like throwing a wedding and that it’s just as stressful. Take our 5 tips to make sure this celebration goes off without a hitch.

1. Get Organized

It takes work to put together any party, especially a mitzvah; so much planning goes into the celebration that it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Getting organized will help you focus on the more important aspects of this celebration.

Figure out what your budget is for the party. Talk to your son or daughter and find out what they want at their mitzvah. Have them rank the things they are looking for in order of importance, just in case your budget does not allow for every little thing for which your kid is looking.

It’s important that once you set a budget, you stick to it. While this celebration is important, remember that college is right around the corner! Don’t break your bank account to fulfill your kid’s every whim this one night.

2. Pick a Theme

Does your son or daughter want a traditional theme for the night? Or are they looking for something more exotic? Does your daughter want to dance the night away in a Winter Wonderland? Does your son want to spend the evening in a jungle, complete with snakes for the guests to hold? No matter what theme your son or daughter chooses, it can be accomplished. If you aren’t creative, ask a friend or party planner to help you figure out how to decorate and who to contact for any special requirements.

3. Find the Right Venue

Once you’ve determined the guest list, it’s time to find a venue that can accommodate all of your guests. You want to find a spot that’s convenient both for people familiar with the area as well as out-of-towners, not somewhere only locals would ever be able to find. Make sure the venue has enough parking for your guests. The venue doesn’t have to be fancy since you can decorate most spaces to look like a different world, but you do want to make sure the facilities, bathrooms and any other areas are clean and orderly.

4. Find a Videographer or Photographer

You and your family will want to relive this day for years to come. While we all have decent cameras attached to our phones these days, you will likely want to hire a professional photographer or videographer. While you and your guests will surely snap some photos and videos, they really can’t be compared to the ones a professional, who’s dedicated to capturing all the best moments, will take. It will also leave your hands and mind free to simply enjoy the fruits of your labor and bask in the man or woman your child has become.

5. Find a Caterer

Don’t even try to attempt cooking for the party – you’ll have enough to deal with in the days leading up to the party. Your best bet is to find a caterer so that there is sure to be enough food for everyone, and enough choices to satisfy each of your guests. Ask you son or daughter what kind of food they want on their special night, and together, try out a couple restaurants or caterers to make sure their food is great.

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