Make your trade show booth THE Destination

6 Tips on how to drive traffic to your trade show booth

Trade Shows are exciting and full of possibility but they also require a significant amount of time and expense to exhibit. So of course, you want to take every step possible to get crowds to your booth so you don’t end up one of the lonely trade show booths that no one stops at except to maybe pick up a free pen or bag from.

Here are 6 tips to drive traffic and be a top destination at your next trade show:

1. Special Lighting: using warm and inviting colors in your booth, will get you noticed and draw people in. Lights can help you shine over your competitors from the moment attendees enter the exhibit hall. Special lighting can turn a simple display into an eye-catching masterpiece and it doesn’t have to break your budget.

Make your trade show booth THE Destination - Cold Stone2. Large display of your product: make it super easy to showcase what you are offering with a large display of your product or service. Whether your product is consumer electronics or ice cream cones, it can be recreated in a way that reinforces your brand. Check out these two fantastic examples from adidas and Tiffani & Co.

Make your trade show booth THE Destination - Cold Stone2

3. Use Social Media: Social media is a great way to reinforce and drive traffic to your trade show booth. Your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google Plus followers are the first step to garnering attention to your booth. Generate excitement ahead of time, and use Twitter hashtags, Facebook Events, and YouTube videos to promote your booth. During the trade show, keep the conversation going by offering contests and prizes for anyone who retweets or shares your news.

Make your trade show booth THE Destination - Cold Stone4

4. A place to sit and relax: try to get a booth large enough for a few seats. This will be greatly appreciated by attendees carrying heavy bags, older visitors, and those with back or leg problems. The longer they sit, the more time they have to contemplate your brand message.
Make your trade show booth THE Destination - Cold Stone
5. Special Treats: people get hungry and thirsty during a trade show, and food or drinks can be scarce or out of the way. Provide refreshments and you’ll be a popular stop. Booths with lots of visitors attract more visitors, because no one wants to miss out. We’ve got the real secret weapon to make your trade show booth the most popular destination: Cold Stone Creamery! We can bring one of our catering options to your booth which will attract a crowd. We’ll serve the ice cream while your team mingles with attendees, shares your message and builds relationships. Isn’t that what you came to do after all? Cold Stone just makes it easy.

Make your trade show booth THE Destination - Cold Stone3

6. Comfy Carpeting: use comfortable carpeting or floor mats to help your guests tired legs and feet recover from walking on concrete surfaces. If you have the most comfy trade show booth to stand around in, people will stick around longer and hear your entire message, even after they’ve been on their feet for hours. Couple that with a place to sit, Cold Stone and a great brand message and your sure to generate new business from your trade show experience.

Make your trade show booth THE Destination - Cold Stone5

Making your trade show booth a destination takes planning to ensure you make the most of the time and resources you spent getting there. Make sure your brand doesn’t end up in the pile of pens that never get used. Cold Stone catering is a clever and effective way to get attendees to your booth so you can meet them and do your magic. Let the other booths be the journey that lead them to you, The Destination.

To discuss how to integrate Cold Stone Catering into your upcoming trade show or event, contact our catering concierge.