Treating Your Employee of the Month” to More Than an Empty Parking Spot

Treating Your Employee of the Month” to More Than an Empty Parking Spot on

Because there’s more to a great worker than a great place to park their car


Have you ever wondered why the employee of the month is gifted with a great parking spot during their month of honor? Sure, they don’t have to stress over parking, and yes, having one’s car there does make for great bragging rights. But is that really enough to inspire your workers to do more, to be better at their job, to impress their customers or clients, and to work for the better of the business? No.

Let’s get real here. You’re going to need some more incentive than a gray 4x6 slot in the parking lot. When you’re ready to really honor those workers who make a difference in your company, consider trying these out-of-the-box ideas:

1. Feature them in a monthly newsletter

Whether the newsletter’s sole purpose is to honor your top employees or you’re tacking this additional element onto an existing document, it’s a great way to spread the word. It might be an internal, monthly newsletter to keep your staff in the know about corporate info—or it could be an external email sent to customers and subscribers. If that’s the case, your employees are likely to be inspired to make a mark in the company so they get a moment to shine.

An external newsletter has other benefits, too. It’s important for your customers to have an idea of your culture while humanizing the brand in their eyes. It’s a win-win situation, so what are you possibly waiting for? Get that newsletter going!

2. Give them a pay raise

One of the most effective ways to thank your employees and show them they’re doing a great job is by giving them a pay increase. It could just be a bonus during the month they’re awarded, or it could be a significant pay raise that is added onto their annual salary. Either way, your employees are bound to feel truly valued, and they’ll be really motivated to earn the title of employee of the month. Sure, you might not want to admit it, but money talks. And when you choose to reward them, it’s going to make your employees their absolute best.

3. Send them a small gift

It could be as simple as a thank-you note filled with movie tickets to the showing of the new flick they want to see, or as big as a night away at a beautiful hotel.

Now, don’t get us wrong. The idea isn’t to buy your employees’ hard work. Rather, it’s a way to surprise them, honor them, and put a little extra pep in their step. Whatever it is that you choose to gift them, your workers are going to feel valued by the gesture of a small (or large!) gift.

4. Celebrate them with a special treat

Maybe it’s a simple gift card to their favorite ice cream shop. Or maybe you’re going to bring the ice cream shop straight to them! Really surprise your employee of the month by hand delivering them a fresh and cold bowl of sweet ice cream.

In fact, take a day out of the month to truly celebrate your employee of the month with a catered luncheon and ice cream party. And be sure to find out their favorite flavor while you’re at it. Employee morale will go through the roof! Try this idea today by contacting the ice cream experts at Cold Stone of South Florida.