Valentine’s Day Treats Your Loved Ones Really Want

Valentine’s Day Treats Your Loved Ones Really Want on

Make this Valentine’s Day sweet.

Valentine’s Day comes once per year and it’s the perfect opportunity to show your loved ones just how much they mean to you. Whether it’s a sweet for your sweetie or a treat to make a peace treaty, only the finest gifts will do this year.

But don’t you think they’re starting to get sick and tired of all the same gifts you’ve been giving year over year? Who hasn’t gotten red roses and a heart-shaped box of chocolates on February 14th? (And, let’s be honest: who even eats most of those flavors of chocolate anyway?) We vote that it’s time to show your loved ones how special they are by splurging on a really thoughtful, creative gift this time. Running low on ideas? We’ve got a few up our sleeve:

1. Grooming Kit

Face it: some guys don’t always get it when it comes to grooming. If your man’s got a mustache that’s out of this world, that’s wonderful! If he’s got one that you think might actually leave this atmosphere at any given moment because it’s so untamed, that’s not so good. Grab your nearest grooming kit to make sure he looks his absolute best this Valentine’s Day. Sure, you could argue that this gift is a little selfish. It’s a gift for him that benefits you. But he’ll be none the wiser — and he’ll look oh-so handsome. Trust us, he wants to look handsome on this special day, so you did the right thing. Check out a cool one here!

2. Secret Message Candy

If you really can’t imagine depriving your loved one of chocolate this year, then why not get something that’ll really get the message across — like these message-worthy chocolates? Similar to Scrabble tiles, these chocolate squares are infused with jelly bean letter candies that spell out a sweet love message. Like this set, reading “I love your face.” It’s an unforgettable way to surprise your date with a real confidence boost and show your true feelings for them at the same time.

3. Sweet Handmade Card

Whether you are writing it yourself or buying it from a craft store, a handmade card is the most genuine way to get your true feelings out just in time for the holiday. Go super sweet or super funny — either way is a win!

4. Ice Cream Cupcakes

If you’ve still got a craving for chocolate but want a more creative gift solution, go big with ice cream cupcakes — grab a couple, or get one to share. They are sweet, cool, and they’re just what was missing from your creative and thoughtful Valentine’s Day package. Grab a few freshly made ice cream cupcakes in-store today at your local Cold Stone.

Stock up on the sweet stuff for a memorable Valentine’s Day.

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