All Work and No Play: Easy Ways to Invite Fun into the Office

All Work and No Play: Easy Ways to Invite Fun into the Office on

The office that plays together stays together!

We all covet the idea of a healthy work-life balance. And we all have certain expectations that we hope our employers will meet when it comes to them. But, as a manager or business owner, it’s unrealistic to believe that you can give everyone the work-life balance they’re hoping to achieve with unlimited time off, flexible hours, remote working opportunities, paid extensive vacations, and the like. The fact is, business owners must draw the line somewhere, no matter how much they love their employees.

Is there a way a business owner can allow their workers to have that work-life balance without sacrificing all the time and money it takes? Is there a realistic way to make sure everyone is satisfied with their work experience? These are questions management needs to start thinking about. And there’s good news; you just need to help develop a more fun office.

Whether you’re trying to gain the appeal of a “cool” office that today’s workers seem to be enamored by, or you’re just trying to improve your office environment from the ground up, there is one simple thing you’re in need of: more fun!

Need a few tips on making your office the talk of the town — a place where employees truly love being? Here are some ideas:

1. Invest in a great breakroom

An office breakroom serves more than one purpose. Sure, it’s a great place for your workers to escape in the middle of the workday when job stress gets them down. But it’s so much more than that, too. It actually encourages workers to take a break!

There’s nothing worse than being stuck in an office where everyone works through lunch and refuses to take breaks — but providing a breakroom hints that breaks are not only allowed, but encouraged. Taking breaks is so important because they help improve creativity, reduce stress, and get the brain and body feeling refreshed.

2. Provide community lunches

I know we mentioned that some workers have the tendency to work right through lunch — but that’s not a good thing. And it’s something that can be avoided if you decide to encourage an office-wide community lunch every day — or even just once a week! Whether that means the office shuts down for 30-60 minutes or you have a caterer come in with energy-boosting lunch fare, it’s a great way to get the office powered up, chatting, and working together better than ever. Thanks, team-building!

3. Celebrate accomplishments, birthdays, and promotions

Whether you’ve got a team full of April birthdays, or a handful of workers made impressive leaps and bounds in the office this month, it’s a cause for celebration. Cake, cupcakes, an ice cream sundae bar — you name it. Treating your workers to a celebratory party or a simple, sweet treat to thank them for their efforts or acknowledge a birthday is the right move. Trust us, your workers want to know that you are aware they exist. Share the love and show you care with something sweet.

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