How to Wow Wedding Guests with Surprising Sweets

How to Wow Wedding Guests with Surprising Sweets on

Delicious ways to take a detour from the traditional


Anyone can serve up a traditional, multi-tiered wedding cake complete with mini bride and groom figurines on top. But if you’re looking for something unique at your reception, providing alternatives or supplementing your cake with yummy treats can make your event even more unforgettable. Take a look at some of these delicious departures from the norm:


Who doesn’t love these chocolaty, gooey marshmallow treats? S’mores just exude laidback, carefree fun – and what a great ambiance to create at your wedding! Making a bunch of these campfire goodies is easily achieved in the oven, so no need to break out the firewood.

Cake pops

Cake pops are not only a fun way to enjoy cake; they also make for adorable displays! You can match them to your event’s color scheme in whichever flavors you prefer, as there are no rules on this one. And the best part? Your guests can munch on them while they dance and mingle – no need to sit down to enjoy this treat.

Pudding with a twist

What do you get when you fill a fancy parfait glass with creamy, decadent pudding and a dollop of whipped cream? A bunch of guests devouring dessert just like they did when they were kids (but with a bit more dignity). Add a sprinkle of shaved chocolate or cookie crumbs and they’ll be licking their lips long after you’ve left for the honeymoon.

Fruit and yogurt parfait

A little bit fancy, a little bit healthy! A refreshing spoonful (or two) of fresh berries layered with delicious yogurt is sure to be a hit with even the most health-conscious of your guests.

Ice cream cupcakes

If you really want to wow the crowd, bring in the cupcakes that deliver an unexpected surprise—they’re made of ice cream and served in a Belgian chocolate shell. Our cupcakes are layered with ice cream, cake, and then more ice cream before they’re frosted and garnished. And we since we customize them, you can choose the colors, flavors, and garnishes to match your wedding’s theme!

Ice cream sandwiches

Another irresistible option that will delight your entire guest list is serving our homemade ice cream sandwiches. Each one is made with a combination of decadent cookies and our famous ice cream. Is your mouth watering yet?


They’re not just for breakfast! Everyone can appreciate the taste sensation of soft, sweet donuts. You can even build a multi-tiered display that features many varieties, including jelly and Bavarian-crème-filled, or piles and piles of different donut holes.

Rice Krispies cake

Rice Krispies treats make amazing cakes (just ask the competitors on Cake Wars!). So why not make a wedding cake out of these marshmallow creations? Not only can you shape it any way you want, you can also get creative with frosting and decorations. Yummy!

The Ultimate Ice Cream Experience

A taste-tempting deviation from the traditional ice cream sundae bar, we can bring our famous portable stone to your wedding and wow your guests with their favorite Cold Stone ice cream creation – complete with their favorite mix-ins.

There’s nothing ordinary about your love. And with these creative takes on the traditional wedding cake, your reception will be just as unique. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our ice cream catering options.